Vaalwap is the cheapest website design and website development company in the Vaal Triangle

We've got everything you need to create the perfect website!
Standard Website Hosting Cost (per month)
Level 1 website: R59+Vat per month
Level 2 website: R 99+Vat per month
Level 3 website: R 150+Vat per month
Try us today and compare our competitive pricing in the Vaal Triangle!
Various methods to interact with your customer

The benefits of having a Vaalwap website
A website that is very affordable - A properly setup website will also save you on advertising costs such as yellow page listings.
Instead of paying for a large ad, you have the basic along with your website address, now you have that large ad without spending the extra cost.
To advertise in newspapers or magazines can easily cost you in excess of R20 000 for one advert - then it may not even be a full page ad!
There Are No Limits On The Amount Of Traffic (Or Data) That Clients May Have On Their Websites
Easy upload facilities, make as many changes to your website as you want
Unlimited pages on our websites
Free Fax to email from our websites
Free Short code keywords from our websites
Free Updates for life on our websites
Free Online marketing tools from our websites
Free Mailing list management system from our websites
Free SMS system. Pay only once sms is sent
Documents and brochures that can be emailed or sent via mobile phone
Various online databases
A Website allows you to compete with bigger and more established businesses.

As you probably know, there are many web development companies in the Vaal Triangle and in South Africa.
We can design a website with unlimited pages, the website will be designed in front of your eyes, today, anywhere in South Africa.
You will be in total control of your own website's design as we have developed the World's Easiest Website Design Software.

Looking for a website where you regularly want content changed, but can't afford to pay the web designers every time?
Why not try our dynamic database driven website with a Content Management System, whereby you the client can easily update web content through your browser. No prior web design skills are required for this, it's as easy as filling in an online form.

Be your own webmaster, NO longer do you have to PAY a highly skilled developer to design or update your website. Easily to maintain and to update, even from you cell phone. Our website design software has many intelligent features that are activated at a click of a button, ensuring that your website always adheres to the latest website design standards. Our approach to website design is based on an integrated Content Management Business Tool. We set up a complete website with unlimited pages, fully interactive and an easy to manage portal. We ensure that you are found by search engines, such as Google.
There Are No Limits On The Amount Of Traffic (Or Data) That Clients May Have On Their Websites

With our product you do not need any programming knowledge. If you can use a word processor and surf the internet, you will be able to use our software to design and maintain your website.
The Internet is one of the few "level playing field" advertising media available in the World today. Having a website has now become a necessity for businesses. It is no longer the "luxury" or "novelty" it was few years ago.
Advertising is essential for most businesses and a website is the most cost-effective and far-reaching manner in which to reach your company's potential clients, both locally and internationally.
While you and your staff go home and sleep each night, your website is open for business 24x7, allowing your customers to browse through your products, service catalogues and information. Furthermore, your customers can easily make contact with you via your website. This will add to your overall productivity and increase your company's market awareness.

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We want to change the way you think about Professional Web Site Designers in the Vaal Triangle
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