Some Frequently asked questions

For an online shop do you support the South African Rand as a currency?
We support ZAR plus any other currency imaginable.

I have a client who has a very popular domain name and has been hacked before to try and steal it... or something like that because when he googled he couldn't find his site anymore. He is unhappy about the site and the people who did it for him. There are many reasons why Google won't find a website. We would be happy to design a new website for you. You should do very well on google if your website is developed using our web development tool.

Do you use drupal or joomla? We have written our own system that is not based on these at all. By writing it ourselves it allows us to make our own changes or additions when we need.

What is the catch, why is it so cheap to design a website through you? There is absolutely no catch. Our complete pricelist is shown under Website Design Pricing (see link at the top of the page). We can design a website at this affordable rate because we use modules which are switched on and off at the click of a button.


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