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Our websites allows a Motorcycle Dealer to add up to 999 motorcycles (with six (6) pictures per bike) to their website, with a quick and easy uploading facility.
(NOTE: the sms's that will be sent to potential clients will be charged at 0.25c per SMS)
Once enabled you will be assigned a unique Motorcycle Dealer Code. Each motorcycle is assigned a unique Motorcycle Code based off your Motorcycle Dealer Code. This unique Motorcycle Code can be SMS'd to 082 6 99999 2 and an SMS will be sent to the sender with a link to the Motorcycle Listing, matching the unique Motorcycle Code, on your website. Standard SMS rates, including free SMS's, apply.
For example, if your assigned Motorcycle Dealer Code is BFG and your Motorcycle Code is BFG46, then clients must SMS BFG46 to 082 6 99999 2 and they will receive a link to that Motorcycle on your website. Motorcycle Dealers can e.g. put a sticker with the following message on their bikes : "SMS the code BFG46 to 082699992 to receive more info. Free SMS's apply".


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