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How does it work?
Restaurants and take away establishments register with Kwikfood.co.za.
The public accesses Kwikfood.co.za from their cell phones and PC's and they then place their food orders from the device.
When a customer registers, they choose an area in which they normally reside (they can change the area e.g. when they travel) and then they can order from establishments in that area.
The customer can also save favourites for individual establishments so that they can submit orders even quicker.
The establishment receives an SMS with an indication that an order has been placed.
The SMS contains a link to a mobile website where they have to log in to view the order or they can just phone the customer to confirm (the SMS will contain the customer's cell number).
If the establishment logs in to view the order and is happy with the order, he presses "accept order and send confirmation SMS to customer".
The customer then receives a confirmation SMS with a link to the establishment's Terms & Conditions (T&C's).

Costs For establishments:
Registration and Training cost is R300 once off, it is free if the establishment has a Kwikwap website.
The monthly subscription fee is R150+VAT (or free if you are Kwikwap Level 3 client, i.e paying R150+VAT, Level 1 and Level 2 Kwikwap clients have to upgrade to Level 3 to use this system).
The establishment is then also liable for the confirmation SMS's that get sent to the client and back to the restaurant. SMS's are charged at 25c each.
The restaurant receives an SMS when the order is placed, that costs him 25c, then when the restaurant accepts the order, it is another SMS that is sent back to the client (costing another 25c) to confirm the order.
The total ordering process will then cost the establishment 50c.
Costs For customers:
For the client it only costs his data a cost which is around 1c a page (plus his food!).
Payment for food.
At the moment no credit cards or any form of money is accepted.




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