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What Can You Gain by Sending a Newsletter?
Newsletters can help your business gain credibility. Provided its packed with useful information; monthly company updates, exclusive tutorials and previews of what to expect from your website and/or company in the coming week/month/quarter.
Make sure this last point is followed up meticulously theres nothing like promising a guest post or interview in the newsletter, that then doesnt materialise, to damage your credibility. The best way to approach a newsletter is with that old music adage in mind; all killer, no filler.
Its also, of course, an easy and relatively simple way of connecting with your readers. You can update them on whats going on with the company on a regular basis just be careful not to brag.
Whether youve had a particularly good month, been interviewed for a prestigious magazine or started work with an exciting new client, a newsletter is a great way to let people know.

How Can a Web Designer or Developer Use a Newsletter?
Firstly although its called a newsletter, its worth thinking about exactly what sort of company news you include.
News like that mentioned above might not be applicable for a web design and/or development company. It might sound pretty obvious, but try and keep the news part of the article to a minimum and make sure that it is of interest to the reader.
For example, the new developer youve hired will be of little interest to them. By all means mention it it shows that your business is growing, always a good thing but stick to the stuff they really care about. Have you just secured new investment? Have you moved offices? Launched a new service?
Remember; keep it short, informative and relevant.
As a web designer or developer, a newsletter is primarily for building rapport and establishing your business. Reward the readers for signing up for it by giving them as mentioned before exclusive content or deals. Can you offer them a 10% discount? A free email or telephone consultation? A deal on a theme or application? Think about what your reader wants or needs. A good way to get ideas is to look at the comments on your website  what are people looking for? What type of article has been the most popular? Use this information to structure your newsletters content.
Dont forget that the newsletter itself can be an advert for your design or development service the more unique and user-friendly it is, the better.
Offer tutorials and tips, taking into account that (especially in the web design & development industry) not all your readers will be current or prospective clients. Some may be your peers, casual readers of your blog or if youre doing things right admirers! Tips and tutorials give you and your newsletter credibility.

A Few Tips for Writing a Newsletter
All the normal rules apply good grammar and perfect spelling are (as always) a must.
Try and get into the habit of making sure someone proof-reads your article. The more ruthless and thorough they are, the better. Its not like publishing a blog post, realising youve made a spelling error or a link is broken and then quickly editing it before anyone notices! Once that newsletter is sent there is nothing you can do to fix a mistake.
As a general rule, keep the newsletter friendly but relatively formal it is representing your business, not you as an individual, after all.
Last but not least; keep the copy light but informative, jargon free and make sure your loyal reader always know whats in it for them.




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