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Included in your system is an interactive forum. Forums are very popular these days, it is used by people to discuss things amongst each other. Your clients will for example discuss your products and services in a forum; while this might sound like a bad thing, it also draws new customers to you. If you are worth your salt, then it is only beneficial.
In the system you can either choose to have your own private forum where we only show posts (messages) that were made on your own website or we show all the posts across all the Vaalwapwebsites (that is in case you just want some interesting stuff on your website).
There is also a facility where anyone can report a "bad post" which can then be removed, for example if someone is slanderous (don't worry we also take out any swear words automatically)
The forum can also be put into the "member's only section" should you not want the public to see your discussions. We have accounting firms as well as training organisations who use this feature on a daily basis.



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