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Build your own website, market it, and sell online!
Put your business in our hands of Vaalwap web design, and watch what happens

Design your own Website - Be your own webmaster
Save thousands on website costs, NO longer do you have to pay a developer to design or update your website.We've got all the goodies to help you to design your own website

A Kwikwap Website is displayed on three different platforms (php), namely traditional web, older generation cell phones and modern devices such as PDA's and windows mobile phones.
Our websites are Easy to maintain and to update, (even from you cell phone.)
Our website design software has many intelligent features that are activated at a click of a button, ensuring that your website always adheres to the latest website design standards.
Our design templates are easy to understand and will ensure that your website has a unique and professional look
Our approach to website design is based on an integrated Content Management Business Tool.
We set up a complete website with unlimited pages, fully interactive and an easy to manage portal.
We ensure that you are found by search engines, such as Google.
There are no limits on the amount of traffic (or data) that clients may have on their websites.

I was born before computers, how do I make changes to my website?
You get a management tool (website) where you can make changes quickly and free of charge.
From the beginning it was our main aim to ensure that the management tool is easy to understand.
We tested our closest competitor's system and we are glad to say that we are light years ahead, especially when it comes to ease of use (not even to mention features).
Our Agent will train you in the use of the system and/or we can send you a training DVD that explains everything in detail.

Q. Why does my webmaster charge me when I ask him/her to make change and why do I have to wait so long for my webmaster to make changes to my website?
A. Because 99% of web masters have to make the changes manually which takes time and therefore you may join the queue of clients who are waiting for changes to take place.


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