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Google ruled the internet for about a decade. In the past year Facebook has overtaken Google as the worlds most used website. One cannot afford to ignore Facebook.
There are two problems that you need to address namely:

Facebook is not open to the general public nor the search engines (and hence you need to publish your information inside Facebook to Facebooks users)
You dont want to manage two sets of information, namely one for your normal (Google) website and one for your Facebook website.
You should only need to manage your content in a single place

Kwikwap has integrated with a leading Facebook development company to automate the process so that you can instantly have pages inside Facebook which is generated from your Kwikwap website.

The set-up costs is free and thereafter R50 per month + VAT (month to month contract).

Facebook examples:
Maak dit reg
Manuka Cafe

Adding our website to Facebook is only one of our many website features

One more reason why we are the best Website Designers in the Vanderbijlpark

Get a facebook Page. But first watch this video to see why!

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