NJ Media Solutions is a IT company based in Three Rivers, Vereeniging.

The company comprises out of two departments:

  1. Multimedia:  Includes Videography services and other multimedia related services.
  2. IT Support & Services
    • Desktop and laptop repairs
    • LTE, ADSL & Fibre connection services
    • Secure Cloud Backups
    • Sales of Laptops, Computers, all related hardware and software.
    • Website Hosting & Design Services
      • If you need to know more of any of these services you can go to the services menu.


Striving towards service excellence to make sure our customers can excel at their business


  • Building relationship and trust.  From out relationship see and analyze the need.  From there we will fill the need
  • We will work hard to make sure your ICT needs are met.
  • We will be consistent in what we do to make sure we as a company expand along with yours.

As a director of the company I have a long history in the IT industry.  I've been working at IT companies gaining experience and learning from it.  I've also been involved in the education sector giving IT support and managing the ICT program of the school.  This knowledge I can apply now to assist your business or school.




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